Regis Lane       

October 17, 2005

New Orleans Incident: A Sad Day for Law Enforcement.

SACRAMENTO — Minorities in Law Enforcement (MILE) was dismayed by the recent footage out of New Orleans, which appeared to show three police officers using excessive force during an arrest.

“We are always concerned by any allegation of police brutality, but the fact that this crime involved white officers and an African-American suspect fuels growing racial tensions nationwide,” said Regis Lane, MILE’s Executive Director.

“One of our organizations priorities is to develop and support programs and policies that reduce racial conflict and establish open lines of communication between law enforcement and all minority communities.

We believe that this, along with positive programs for at-risk youth, will help us achieve our ultimate mission—to reduce the disproportionate number of minorities in the criminal justice system.

As peace officers, our job is to fight crime and keep our communities safe. But law enforcement also needs to take the lead in fighting perceptions of racism and discrimination — both inside our departments, as well as in our communities. It will go a long way toward promoting public safety.”

MILE is dedicated to providing viable alternatives to keep at-risk youth from turning to crime and supporting community-based prevention and intervention programs aimed at ending child abuse and neglect, drug use, gangs, unemployment and violence.