Minorities In Law Enforcement is a culturally diverse, non-profit coalition of law enforcement professionals working in concert with elected officials and the private sector to give at-risk urban youth better alternatives to crime, violence, gangs and drugs.

Membership in MILE is not restricted to law enforcement officers.  All are welcome.

Founded in 1993, MILE embraces a balanced “protect and prevent” public safety strategy:

  • Protect the innocent by getting violent felons, sex offenders and career criminals off the street.
  • Prevent at-risk youth from turning to crime with community-based prevention and intervention programs aimed at ending child abuse and neglect, drug use, gangs, unemployment and violence.

To improve the safety, economic security, health and education of California’s children, MILE works with state and local law enforcement, policy makers, and state and national advocacy groups, including the California Children’s Advocate Roundtable, National Building Blocks for Youth Coalition, California Council on Child Abuse and Neglect, Parent Teacher Association, crime victims groups and the National Children’s Defense Fund.

MILE’s “Minority Law Enforcement Roundtable” works to develop and implement prevention and intervention programs specifically designed for at-risk urban youth, and is composed of elected officials, local leaders, community organizations and members of law enforcement agencies throughout California.

In addition, MILE is committed to political action at every level of government, mobilizing support for public safety candidates, policies and ballot initiatives.

We’re going the extra MILE to provide urban youth with positive alternatives to a life of crime. Please join us in this important effort.